Best burgers in Melbs

I’m all about the good vibes, good people and good food. As soon as you enter the humble dwelling that is The Resistance, you're enshrouded in good energy. Located off Glenferrie road just near the train station and Swinburne Uni, this place is a hidden gem adored by Hawthorn locals and students.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent café-style front and small grill – the real party is downstairs with dim red lighting, rustic furnishings, cosy couches and BEAN BAGS. Yes, bean bags – you read correctly. The talented staff can mix you up some inventive cocktails that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Melbourne. I indulged in a Wood Apple martini with coconut sugar as well as the Propaganda – a vodka based cocktail with popping candy. Pair that with a rose-flavoured Shisha pipe, relaxed tunes and burning incense and you're set for a legit chill sesh.

Now for the real reason we’re all here – the burgers. The boys at the Resistance have perfected their menu with 12 featured burgers ranging from only $10 – $15. These aren’t just your ordinary burgers though. They’re the most succulent, loaded masterpieces, freshly flipped off the grill. We ordered the BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger and the Supremo de Resistance. We ate in silence as we relished every bite, juices dripping down our chins. In fact, we were given a wad of napkins before our beastly burgers arrived in anticipation of the customary mess! All the elements came together in beautiful harmony – from the American cheddar, special sauces and jalapenos, to the seeded brioche buns, which are lovingly made in-house. The premium Angus beef is always cooked to medium-well, leaving it perfectly pink on the inside – exactly how I like it.

It's actually a crime not to also get a side of Bacon’d Cheesy Fries. These beer battered babes are served with hot cheese sauce, golf sauce, sriracha and sweet chilli sauce, topped with crispy bacon bits. Dare I say it? Yeah I’m gonna go ahead and just commit to it now – BEST BURGERS IN MELBOURNE. Not a word of a lie. Head over to The Resistance next time you’re looking to hang with your buddies at the chillest joint on the East side.