The Left-Handed Chef

They say that Left-Handers are more creative, with only about 10% of the population making up this unique minority. It’s a nifty trait that should be celebrated – think Ned Flanders’ Leftorium. Research also recognises lefties for their superior abilities to multi-task, see underwater and play video games! Now I’m super impressed. But are the left-handed species good in the kitchen? Ehud Malka, the one and only Left-Handed Chef, proves that lefties also make mean cooks.

Driven by sheer passion for food and cooking, Ehud has run the Left-Handed Chef cafe for over 5 years. Originally from Israel, Ehud has worked in the food industry all over the world, from training as a patisserie chef to learning the art of ice-cream making in Italy. Hearty Middle-Eastern dishes express the chef’s heritage, including the Shakshuka, Latkes and use of traditional spices. The menu offers a range of breakfast and lunch choices as well as specialty baked goods, such as the waffle doughnut, jam muffin, homemade brownies and other savoury items available from the deli.

With a miniature Grandfather clock and vintage decor, the family-owned cafe brings about a familiar charm. Natural light fills the space through the shopfront windows and there’s plenty of seating out on sunny Park street. Parents rejoice! The kiddy corner will keep the little ones entertained with more colouring books and toys you could poke a crayon at.

Okay. So now back to the food. I was intrigued by the blackboard “Waffle Mania” Specials and I couldn’t go past The Piggy with thick cut bacon (seriously thick!), chili eggs, cheesy waffles, avo and goats curd. The serving sizes here are astronomical so make sure to bring an appetite!

We also ordered The Big Grand Slam with crusty toast lathered in hommus, fried haloumi, smokey bacon, poached eggs and a sprinkle of dukkah. I am so in love with the bread here. The LHC wakes up at 3am every morning to make sure you get only the freshest, crustiest bread with Gluten-Free varieties available too! We also dabbled in some naughty treats and coffees, of course. You must try the Waffle Doughnut. It’s exactly as it sounds – A WAFFLE AND A DOUGHNUT COMBINED INTO ONE.