The Burnley

Beer, food and a little slice of education - Bridge Road’s newest urban brewery is an all-inclusive hub that’s already a hit with the locals. Formerly an Italian restaurant called Romulus and Remus, Burnley Brewing marries two of life’s greatest joys – beer and pizza.

The Burnley offers a unique range of beer styles from all over the world, and Cicerone-certified bar staff are eager to educate their patrons on their brews too. Beer is made fresh from the 10 taps connected straight to the tanks, so no oxygen, light or heat can impair your crisp hops and malts. And if you’re not a beer buff, you can peruse the quality drops from their curated wine list, with by-the-glass options as well as Aussie and international spirits.

Maintaining the preceding theme, the menu serves up authentic Italian cuisine, from stone-fired pizzas to hand-made pasta. I highly recommend the pumpkin pizza and chorizo and pea gnocchi! Beer snacks and bites are also available for a casual session watching the footy or after-work drinks.

The Burnley’s contemporary pub scene welcomes all Melbournians who appreciate good food and bevs – from Richmond locals and sport enthusiasts, to families and foodies.