The best Gyozas and Craft Beer in Melbs at newly opened Chotto Motto

Decked out in Japanese motfis and posters, Chotto Motto is the new kid on the Collingwood block serving up Melbourne's best crispy gyozas and craft beers. It's hard to miss Chotto's stand out exterior, washed in stark white with black patterned lines.

The casual eatery and bar is the brain child of Dylan Jones, father to beloved pupper and Instagram/YouTube sensation Tofu Chan, and Tomoya Kawasaki, owner of Wabi Sabi Salon & Neko Neko. The pair have been friends for a long time and Tomoya even does the hilarious voice overs in Tofu's videos (a MUST watch for a good LOL!). Tomoya always dreamed of opening a classic Japanese gyoza & beer bar, which are extremely popular in Japan but not so common in Melbourne. Japanese culture has also been a big part of Dylan's life, spending his childhood living between Japan and Melbourne. So, it made sense for the creative duo to embark on this exciting venture together.

Tofu Chan Pupper
Tofu Chan/Tofu Pudding Jones

Although the winning combo of house-made gyoza and beer is the main event, some other impressive dishes worth a try include the Cauliflower Karaage with Thai Basil Mayo (vegan), and the Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Teriyaki Roll Up (basically a Peking duck pancake but with Wagyu - DROOL). Once systems are running smoothly, Chotto Motto will also be available on UberEats and Deliveroo but for now, you can pop in to order take away.

The quirks in every corner of the joint will never cease to surprise and entertain. From Kewpie dolls and collectible figurines, to slot machines and skateboards, the eccentricities make for interesting dinner convo. And let's not forget the drinks vending machine stocked with authentic Japanese bevs and beers. The unique space at Chotto Motto is ideal for art exhibitions and events, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements. With a visit back to Japan on the cards, the boys also plan to source more vintage curiosities and run a “Japanese Treasures Market” at Wabi Sabi Salon.

Stay tuned!

As featured on Onya Magazine.