Shanklin: Melbourne's number one brunch cafe

Portobello mushrooms and that golden egg yolk!

Shanklin lives up to its current 4.9 Zomato rating with superb food, charming staff and record-fast service. Family friendly, dog-friendly—the vibes are only good here, bouncing off the exposed brick walls of the former Victorian cottage.

Baked eggs shakshuka

Look up at the ceiling and you'll see a contrasting design of sleek wooden panels layered over each other, pleasantly pared back and minimal. With sidewalk seating out the front and lofty windows, natural light spills inside creating an airy, welcoming space.

We started off our Sunday morning breakfast with a couple of fresh juices and coffees (the delicate soy milk was hot and not curdled—one of my pet peeves!) and then tucked into some of their best dishes, including the baked eggs shakshuka and portobello mushrooms. You'd honestly think the crumbed portobello mushrooms were schnitzels—they were crispy on the outside with an unbelievably meaty centre.

Nutella pancakes

We fawned over the golden egg yolk trickling through the slabs of roasted capsicum and haloumi and then finished off with the Nutella pancakes (I mean, it'd be rude not to). Stuffed to the brim, we ordered only a half serve but still enjoyed the rainbow assortment of fruit, ice cream and oreos stacked on the fluffy cakes.