Get smashed at RocoMamas

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Just when you thought Chapel Street couldn’t get any hotter, RocoMamas comes to town with their famous ‘Smashed’ burgers and grill. The cutting-edge team at RocoMamas are a different burger breed. They roll up each burger patty into a ball and smash them flat onto the grill, sealing in maximum flavour and juiciness.

The ‘BlackStar’ burger is the dark horse of the family, featuring crispy southern fried chicken, Hanoi slaw and sweet chilli mayo nestled in a charcoal bun. Mac and cheese aficionados MUST try the ‘Promo’ burger, starring a macaroni cheese croquette and beef patty, lathered in parmigiana sauce. You can even customise your masterpiece by building your own burger with a clever checklist. Double patty? Tick. More cheese? Always.

Flaunting a rock’n’roll vibe, Rocomamas is housed in an industrial shipping container with high polished concrete walls, neon lighting, corrugated metal touches and commissioned street art by Sabine Kahwati. Grab one of the cute booths as you watch your meal being prepared in the open kitchen and bar. It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

But wait, there’s more! Prepare to get down and dirty with RocoMamas’ seriously messy ribs (pork, beef and lamb), as well as their MOFO chicken wings. Paired with some loaded fries and a custard shake, you’ve got a feast fit for a king! The ‘Cheese Bombs’ are also just that – BOMB AF. Read: fried cheese balls filled with chilli, feta or jalapenos. Take all my money.

As featured on Onya Magazine.