It's never too cold for gelato

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

All hail Lisa Valmorbida - gelato genius and proud owner of Pidapipó. The word Pidapipó translates to 'the pied piper', a fitting name indeed! Most nights you'll find a far-reaching line of Melbournians wrapping around the corner of Lygon and Faraday street.

What I love most about this place is that they don't try too hard, yet they're still ranked one of the best. At this beloved Gelateria, you'll hear an eclectic music playlist pumping throughout the day, witness a shelf of oversized Nutella jars, and smell the array of exotic fruits on display - from figs to persimmons. And then there's the mesmerising fountain of hot Nutella.

The menu is pared back and certainly doesn't offer 'Rainbow' or 'Bubblegum' flavours. It's humble and sticks to the classics. It's what Pidapipó does best. Pistachio, rose, coconut, ricotta and fig and bacio are just some of the flavours made in-house every day, from scratch.

I've tried every single flavour. I'm not even kidding. I'm borderline obsessed with the silky perfection of these authentic gelatos. Similar to the frowned upon act of picking the favourite amongst your own children, it's difficult to choose just one cream of the crop. I've narrowed it down to three - pistachio, bacio and mango.