Lukumades - Windsor

If you don’t’ know what Loukoumades are (you’ve been missing out!) they’re deep-fried, golden balls of dough drizzled with honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon. They’re basically Greek doughnuts and they’re dangerously addictive and easy to pop in your mouth, five at a time. In Greece, they’re sold in small patisseries and holes in the wall, served as an afternoon treat with honey syrup and crushed walnuts—classic style.

Lukumades, recently opened in Windsor, specialise in handcrafted loukoumades with both traditional and modern toppings. You can smother them with Nutella, crushed oreos, salted caramel sauce, pistachios, matcha—the options are endless! For $12 you get a generous serve of balls with your choice of toppings and there are three vegan toppings too! Also good to know: all doughnuts are vegan.

Lukumades started out as a little food truck in 2016, roaming the streets of Melbourne selling these balls like hot cakes. Nine months later and they ventured into their own bricks and mortar store and have since dotted the city with several franchises, including West Melbourne, Carlton and newly opened Windsor.

We tried two of the favourite topping combos including the Dark delight: melted dark chocolate and crushed pistachios topped with hazelnut gelato; and the Bueno: melted hazelnuts sauce, drizzled milk chocolate and crushed biscuit. Both were incredibly decadent and rich so make sure to bring your second dessert stomach. There’s also an extensive drinks list serving coffees, hot choccies, frappes (just like they make in Greece) and milkshakes. We indulged in the salted caramel and nutella milkshakes to wash down the golden balls. It was glorious.