Lé Léé Northcote: Authentic Macedonian from the heart.

“It is a sin to let your guests leave hungry!” explains Lé Léé’s Maître d, Tania. And believe us, you will never feel unsatisfied after feasting here. Set amongst the buzzing locales and restaurants of Northcote, Lé Léé presents the authentic flavours of Macedonia, a centuries-old cuisine that is rich, vibrant and designed to share with family and friends.

The charming ambience transports you to a cosy Macedonian home with dried garlic and chilli draped above the door, wooden furnishings and live traditional music. Conversations flow and time stands still. Macedonian culture is centered on wholesome food and hospitality – the key elements of Lé Léé’s offering envisioned by owner Miki Dodevski and the Head Chef, Miki’s mother, who cooked for former President of Yugoslavia, Josip Tito. Miki has captured the food philosophy and heart of Macedonian culture to create a genuine dining experience from their beloved motherland.

The menu celebrates the heroes of Macedonia’s cuisine with influence from the Balkans. Upon arrival, you are welcomed with a piece of seasoned bread to relieve you from your journey – a longstanding Macedonian tradition. The feast then commences with a wide selection of vegetarian meze and a glass of Rakia (a delicious Balkan fruit brandy), followed by hearty, meat-heavy stews.

If you want to eat like a true Macedonian, make sure to order their staple dishes including the Shopska Salata (tomato, cucumber, onion salad topped with grated fetta), Tavche Gravche (creamy baked beans) and Banica (hand-rolled leek and cheese pastry).

Menu highlights include the Vardarsko Grne (a hearty stew slow-cooked and sealed in a clay pot with mixed vegetables, pork and chicken) and the Pastrmka na Ohridski (trout the Ohrid way). The slow-roasted pork belly with crispy crackling and garlic peppers are also a heavenly match. Of course, one must always leave room for dessert! Try the sour cherry baklava with refreshing pomegranate ice cream. Banquets are also available to effortlessly explore the wide-ranging menu.

There’s a renowned saying that influences the daily lives of the Macedonian people, whether that be the way you cook a meal, host a party or make a coffee; "So dusha da go pravish", meaning - To do it with your soul. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Lé Léé; Soul.

As featured on Onya Magazine.