Hot Hot Pot

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

The brains behind China Bar and Secret Kitchen, Joe Wee-Lim, has launched Hot Hot Pot (HHP) – a new concept that has Melbournians simmering with excitement. You’ll find lines of hungry diners holding their oversized bowls and tongs outside the flagship store at Westfield Doncaster, eagerly waiting to tuck into the Sichuan Malatang cuisine.

At HHP, you get to pick exactly what goes into your custom bowl - from the type of slow-cooked broth and spiciness, to over 70 gourmet ingredients and toppings. You’re spoilt for choice with a selection of seafood, meats, tofu and vegetables, as well as Asian delicacies such as lotus root.

Once you’ve selected more or less everything on the fresh food wall (because you have no self-control), choose a signature broth and Malatang spice level, then hand it over to the HHP crew to prepare your hot, hot pot of gold. Add a side dish, such as the cool cucumber and pickled jellyfish salad, and grab a house-made iced tea to wash it down. Do try the sour plum juice – luscious.

As featured on Onya Magazine.