A slice of my heart

My dear foodies! I'm delighted to share a little slice of my heart; my love for home cooking.

Although I'm biased with my heritage, my favourite cuisine is Italian. It's so versatile, fresh and rustic. When I cook and eat authentic Italian food, I am transported to a nostalgic place.

Me being a domestic goddess on a cooking show/interview

I love fresh seafood, tomatoes, pasta, bread and HERBS. I'm obsessed with growing, cooking, smelling, touching and eating herbs.

Humble herb garden

My herb garden is slowly expanding, with little terracotta pots of basil, thyme and mint alongside my rosemary bush, wild parsley and humble heirloom tomatoes. One day I'll have my own large patch of fertile earth to plant all my herbs and veggies - a thriving garden to feed the whole family.

Fresh basil in the kitchen

When it comes to cooking, I'm never too fussed about exact instructions or measurements. Following my Nonna's lead, a handful of this and sprinkle of that always seems to do the trick. It's all about experimenting and having fun.

My nonna making pasta di casa

Even if the meal doesn't turn out quite right, you learn from the experience and alter it again the next time you make it anyway. Cooking shouldn't be stressful, it should be soulful. Immerse yourself in the process, use your hands, feel the textures and get messy. Pour love into each meal.