My French fling with Gontran Cherrier

The perfect croissant has to be chewy, yet fluffy. Not too flaky and light-golden brown as the delicate layers of butter melt in your mouth. As the long-established foundation of French culture, the crescent-shaped delicacy is also adored by the Aussies, with croissant-featured brunch menus and cafés all over Melbourne.

Gontran Cherrier, is a fourth generation baker who decided to expand his world-famous boulangeries to the booming foodie hub of Melbs - Collingwood. The clever Frenchman (and handsome) has years of experience up his sleeve, learning in some of the best restaurants in the world, including three-Michelin-starred restaurant l’Arpège and at Lucas Carton as a patissier, chocolatier and boulanger. There are currently 28 Gontran Cherrier boulangeries worldwide, but Australia got the special treatment just because we're so FAB. Our Gontran Cherrier is the first boulangerie in the world to double as a café! The cool and airy space was designed to reflect Melbourne's tastes and eccentricity.

The menu features a variety of traditional dishes as well as modern takes on the French cuisine. Gontran has introduced both Aussie and Asian influences, using unique ingredients such as lemon myrtle and miso. It's a given that we ordered the Croissant with Pacdon Park free-range ham & gruyère cheese - one bite and you'll gasp sacré bleu! Lovingly made with imported Lescure butter and French flour, these croissants are the real deal mate. 100% genuine French goodness. They're quite rich but paired with the melted cheese and fresh ham - they will change your life. We also treated ourselves to the New Zealand hot smoked salmon rillettes with avocado and fresh housemade cheese on miso and rye bread. We couldn't go past the tempting sweets so we also devoured the Pistachio and strawberry cheesecake. OH and did I mention they serve up St Ali coffee - my fave beans in the biz!! So stop fussing with your beret and get a croissant in your mouth! That's a French saying I swear...