Gimme some sugar! Taubmans coats Sugar Republic in joyful colour.

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Imagine every childhood dream of rainbows, fairy floss and candy all rolled into one epic place where you can forget about ‘adulting’ for a few blissful hours. Introducing Sugar Republic – Australia’s hub of hysterical giggles, sweets and an inviting adult ball pit (jump in for all the Instagram glory!). The interactive dessert museum celebrates iconic Aussie confectionery with delicious art installations, but it also runs deeper on a psychological level thanks to its sponsor Taubmans paints.

Based on a Colour Emotion Study carried out with Liminal VR , Taubmans ensured the walls of each sugar-coated room inspired feelings of excitement and joy using colours from their new Endure range. The top picks included Pink Chintz, Raspberry Rush, Rocket Launch, and Orange Embers, creating walls good enough to lick! (We don’t advise you do this).

You can experience the pop-up sugar rush at Myer Melbourne and Sydney until 20 May 2019. And if you’d like to take the joy home with you, be sure to read up on Taubman’s tips on painting your own walls and choosing the right colours for work, rest and play.

As featured on Onya Magazine.