From crop to cup: World Vision Australia’s ‘Change Coffee’ helps women in poverty

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

On a mission to eradicate global poverty by 2030, World Vision Australia (WVA) has launched its first social enterprise, Change Coffee. The Fairtrade coffee range is hand-roasted on site at their café roastery in Blackburn, with 100% of profits donated to World Vision’s life-changing programs to economically empower women living in poverty all over the world. The socially conscious initiative that encourages consumers and cafes to switch their coffee to a bean with purpose, a cuppa that’s changing lives.

Head of Social Enterprise at WVA Simone Dowding says: ‘When women have equal access to meaningful work which is fairly paid it has a multiplier effect, benefiting not only the individual woman, but also their families, communities and countries.’

With over 17 years experience in the coffee industry (one of the biggest trading commodities in the world), Simone knows the importance of ethically sourcing Fairtrade, sustainable coffee—the enterprise pays above standard rates plus a 2% premium and works towards sustainable development goals such as reduced waste, recycled packaging, and carbon offsets.

‘The brand’s business model incorporates strategies to innovate social change. From crop to cup, the coffee is ethical, social responsible and accountable,’ says Simone.

The range of specialty Arabica coffee blends (graded above 83 points) includes one decaf and two caffeinated roasts, with a new roast soon to be released. They can be ground for French Press, Pour Over, Aeropress, Stovetop or Espresso.

Ethiopian Sidama, their single-origin, is naturally fermented and lightly roasted giving a clean sweetness—ideally served black. Notes of blueberry, red grape and floral tones pop with each sip. Purpose, the main espresso roast that cuts milk beautifully, has a full-bodied flavour profile with tasting notes of cherry, almonds and milk chocolate.

Change Coffee’s premium beans are already gaining status at the Golden Bean awards, winning silver for best filter coffee; bronze in both the single origin espresso and organic espresso categories; and two bronze medals for their milk-based latte blends.

And for the non-coffee drinks (or if you’d like to swap to something sweeter), Change Coffee also makes a Fairtrade Hot Chocolate powder blended with 40% cocoa, sourced from Conacado, Dominican Republic. The rich flavours of malt, vanilla and hazelnut melt and embrace you like a warm hug.

Check out their website to buy some of your own coffee for home or work, or find your nearest cafe serving up the best beans in the biz!

As featured on Onya Magazine