Eat more HOLE foods: Bistro Morgan

We all know you can't buy happiness. But you can buy doughnuts, and that's kinda the same thing...

Enter Bistro Morgan - Melbourne's hub for seriously good doughnuts. The artisan doughnuts here are handmade, hand-dipped and freshly cooked each morning using high quality, natural ingredients. Founder, Morgan Hipworth, has put in countless hours of research and refinement to perfect every holey masterpiece in store. Oh and did I mention Morgan is ONLY 17 YEARS OLD?

Yep, Morgan is the prodigy that puts us all to shame. He has successfully formed a budding empire of doughnut shops and catering services while juggling his studies as a full-time high school student. The acclaimed "doughnut prince of Melbourne" follows a hands-on approach with every aspect of his business. He bakes before and after school and on weekends, develops new flavours, recruits and trains staff and manages all the admin, accounts and marketing.

On the menu you'll find classic doughnut flavours, such as Vanilla Custard (signature brioche doughnut + sugar dusting + vanilla bean custard filling), but the rotating specials of inventive flavours and names means there's always something new to try. Signature flavours include Gay Time Crunch (signature brioche doughnut, couverture chocolate, honeycomb crunch and salted caramel syringe), Mint To Be (chocolate mint brioche doughnut, couverture white chocolate, aero crumb + chocolate hazelnut syringe), and Pharrell Rocher (signature brioche doughnut, chocolate-hazelnut filling, couverture chocolate +Ferrero rocher piece). The vegan Mr Simpson is a hit (with strawberry glaze and sprinkles) as well as the zesty Coconut Lemon Cheesecake (signature brioche doughnut + lemon curd filling + cheesecake glaze + coconut flakes + biscuit crumb). The menu also offers an array of milkshakes, coffee and ice-cream sandwiches - the perfect partners in crime.