East meets West at Burger Shurger

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

The Last Supper - Indian style

Burger (noun): A culinary masterpiece consisting of a rounded cake or patty, salads and condiments, sandwiched between two bread buns.

Shurger (noun): A slang Indian term that loosely translates to ‘food stuffs’. Typically refers to casual dining, snacks and take-away.

Burger Shurger is the unique concept finally brought to life from the long-lived dream of co-owner, Payal Bisht. Based in Elsternwick, the trendy new local combines the best of both Eastern and Western cuisines, fusing traditional North and South Indian flavours with American-style burgers. Cheeky motifs and artwork, such as the neon ‘Namaste Bitches’ sign, set the mood for a good time and have already received praise among Melburnians (and Instagram). Diners marvel at the amusing rendition of 'The Last Supper', featuring a tanned Jesus feasting on burgers and beers with his fellow religious deities. Check out the hipster Buddha straight outta Fitzroy, complete with ear stretchers and thick black frames.

The Mighty Butter Chicken Burger

Payal is committed to creating authentic Indian flavours that don’t hold back on that extra punch in the mouth – i.e. the way Indian food should really taste like, not the boring watered-down version. The extensive menu offers chicken, beef, fish and veggie burger varieties, as well as generous sides and snacks, such as Bun Pakora, that even native Indian folks approve.

Bun Pakora

The Mighty Butter Chicken Burger is an unwavering crowd pleaser, with fried chicken, real butter chicken sauce (not from the packet, actually made from scratch!), yoghurt, mint chutney and slaw. The Pav Bhaji, an Indian (and vegetarian) take on the classic Sloppy Joe, is also a popular new contender, but be prepared to get messy – it’s a beast of a burger!

Chai Whisky Sour

FACT: Ganesha will cry a thousand rivers if you don't also try the Butter Chicken Poutine (available as a vegetarian option) and dabble in dessert. Masala Chai Crème Brulee anyone? Luckily licensed, the joint's inventive cocktail list offers all your favourites with a twist, including the Chai Whisky Sour and the Lychee Martini. There’s also a great range of local and craft beers. Our pick is the Dainton Blood Orange IPA – a refreshing Summer beverage that’s not too sour.

Cheeky ;)

Burger Shurger dares to be different and not only bends, but burns the burger bible of rules. Make sure to pop in and get a selfie with the Gods.

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