Atta presents Indian fine dining: a multisensory experience

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Until now, Indian food has always been pigeonholed as the go-to take-away comfort food for a night-in watching Netflix. But Atta challenges this stereotype, presenting an elegant take on the cuisine.

Envisioned by owners Brij and Harry, Atta is a fine dining restaurant bringing indigenous and classic dishes from all corners of India. In 2016, Harry re-vamped the menu to inject a new energy into their venture. High ceilings with white beams, lofty windows and candle-lit tables create a luxurious and cosy ambience.

Each dish is plated and served in a creative way – from precious stones in a wooden treasure box and a delicate floral arrangement, to a smoky reveal with dry ice – making for a fun dining experience.

Bhed ke pasaliyan; an entree of twice cooked lamb ribs, garnished with mint yogurt.
Bhed ke pasaliyan; an entree of twice cooked lamb ribs, garnished with mint yogurt.

“If food hasn’t stimulated your senses like sight, smell, touch and taste then you have not experienced food” says the Atta team.

The seasonal menu features bold, contrasting flavours using authentic centuries-old recipes and traditional tandoori cooking methods. The three-course dinner banquet is designed to balance vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections. Highlights include the Suka go gappa (plain flour go gappa, potato and chickpeas, sweet hung yoghurt and aam panna), Battakh (18-hour sous vide duck, mango marinated daikon, jiggery and vinegar glaze, onion and cashew gravy) and the Kerla Jhinga (King prawns cooked in coconut milk, tempered mustard, sun-dried chillies, tomato and onion gravy). The extensive wine list offers beautiful pairings and the dessert menu is a must-try, too. (Make sure you leave some room!).

As featured on Onya Magazine.