Grand Lafayette: All-you-can-eat Japanese for brunch

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Known for it’s all-you-can eat Japanese fare and quirky cocktails, Grand Lafayette is now open for brunch, too. Yes, that means you can eat all the gyozas and chicken karaafe from as early as 11am and no one will bat an eyelid. If you’re bored of the usual smashed avo and eggs on toast, indulge in some of your favourite Japanese dishes instead, washed back with $1 beers. Did someone say Sunday morning ‘hair of the dog’?

Grand Lafayette perfects East-meets-West flavours with dishes such as Baked Scallops, Miso Grilled Salmon, Freakshii (their signature freaky sushi rolls) and a mouth-watering selection of Bao Buns—our picks are beef and pork belly. Of course, one does not go to Grand Lafayette without ordering a novelty brunch cocktail. Instagram is going nuts over The Witch Antidote: a concoction of smokey tequila, berry and lime juice served in an IV drip with a side of dramatic smoke for effect. You even put your name, age and blood type on the dripping bag—a nice personal touch.

Caffeine aficionados can also appreciate a good cuppa with coffee by Five Senses. Save room for one of their must-try Freaky Shakes with extravagant toppings like mini cereals, cream cheese and waffles (another Insta-worthy post).

As featured on Onya Magazine.