Cucina Divina Film Series

Cucina Divina, meaning divine kitchen in Italian, is a cooking show sharing my nonna Divina's traditional Italian recipes—from pasta carbonara to gnocchi.

Ever since I was a child, I've always loved watching my nonna cook for the family, scribbling down her recipes in little exercise books. Nonna taught me what it means to eat well and appreciate good food—from growing and harvesting your own produce, to nursing a bone broth, made from scratch, cooking slowly over a stove for hours. It's simple, really: wholesome food takes love and patience.

Throughout the series you'll see glimpses of Divina's story and her sentiments behind each dish. She reveals the secret ingredients, tips and tricks picked up over the years, handed down from generations of Italian women. She also shares her simple philosophies and how food and cooking have always been central to her life. ​​

'To learn how to cook, is a big thing. It's the most important thing in life.' - nonna Divina