Hello, my fabulous foodies

Food Comatose is a food blog based in Melbourne sharing restaurant and cafe reviews. I also post my favourite homemade recipes and episodes of Cucina Divina—a cooking show with my nonna where you can learn her traditional southern Italian recipes, handed down from generations. 

I'm fascinated by food and its power to bring people together across cultures. Even as a child, I would watch my nonna cook and unite our family at the table for a beautiful meal. The preparation and transformation of ingredients, the tricks to enhance flavours, textures, colours—I eagerly jotted it all down and now apply it to my own cooking.

In 2014, I married my two loves—food and writing—and launched Food Comatose. I hope you enjoy my content and learn something new along the way—whether it's a new cuisine, local restaurant or recipe.


I leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Julia Childs: 'People who love to eat are always the best people'.